Friday, November 30, 2007

Vegas: What I Realized on the Plane

· Wine shots aren’t fun by myself
· No one wanted to play ‘dance to pass’ with Stella
· Even though old guy was annoying to C Lo he still shared his M & M’s
· Chatting with Daphne took my mind off takeoff
· Tim Allen is huge on a small tv screen
· 2nd bottle of wine is hard to get down but I enjoy the buzz anyway
· Bachelor party man would have had his head on my shoulder if he didn’t switch seats with C Lo (He is now sitting 2 rows ahead of me)
· Slick Rick was on our plane along with Freddy Kreuger
· I think I’m drunk now, only took 5 rounds of cards and 2 bottles of vino
· Asian men have to pee a lot on planes
· We were surrounded by ‘doggy stylin’
· If I have to pee there’s no way out (both my co-passengers are sleeping)
· I could tinker with both my co-passengers but I won’t go there for fear of what they would do to me in my sleep!
· Didn’t know ‘Friday’s’ could fly
· Everyone around me is asleep – I’m the only one wired
· Backstreet Boys on the plane radio – I must be drunk
· Do you have to look at everyone when you get up on your way to the bathroom?
· Dirty old man reading 3rd Degree – something is wrong cuz it’s a chick novel
· Velvet Revolver sounds like a boy band
· I enjoy looking at men in aisles sleeping with mouth open – could accidentally drop something in there - 2 points!!!
· I started counting how many times people get up to pee – IPod man got up 3 x!!!
· Not a fan of airplane potties – might be the confined space
· Heard the same songs 3x on the plane station – that tells you how long the flight was
**I split wine on myself mid air on the plane – thank goodness no one noticed.

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