Monday, November 19, 2007

Snow bunnies

Every year it’s the same thing, the white stuff appears for the first time and its groundhog day in the office. “Oh my god, look its snowing!” “It hasn’t stopped yet, gee the news said it would have ended by now.” “My wife didn’t believe when I got up this morning and said it was snowing. See I told you.” “You got how many inches of snow?” “Oh my god look, its coming down harder.” The funnier thing is someone trying to sing “White Christmas”, and I won’t even go there, you can use your imagination. Every year the same old crap comes out of these people’s mouths as if they never saw snow before, never drove in it before, never put gloves, hats and scarves on. They don’t check the news, read the paper, watch the weather channel. There are certain people who don’t drive in it, will announce that they don’t drive in it, especially if we are at work and then it starts snowing, they pack up their stuff and leave, we call them ‘Snow Queens”. These people don’t live in the areas north and west of the city who get the most accumulation either. It’s not like we’ve always had 90 degree weather 12 months out of the year, its not like they were just born and never witnessed this monumental event of the first snowfall of the year. Who cares – big deal, life goes on, buy a shovel.

About the only thing the snow does in an office is it creates an imaginary watercooler outside of your workspace. While you are trying to work because you don’t care what is happening outside, the ‘snow queens’ caravan around talking about it for hours…its company moral at its finest or team building. I can’t wait for them to start discussing lunch and then when I come in tomorrow to hear about their horrendous drive home. It makes me think about lounging evenmoreso than the comforts of a warm bed and a good book and some beef stew.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, maybe they are just trying to avoid getting stuck on I-287 or I-78 for 10 hours (happened twice) maybe they are trying to avoid getting hit by the crazy drivers(seen it happen all the time), maybe they are trying to avoid having to park on route 206 cuz the steep oakwood drive is not driveable(happened more than once, maybe they don't like going to the bars to kill time until the plows come thru(happens all the time)Please be safe at whatever the cost.