Saturday, April 25, 2009

Summer Tease

An outdoor martini (or two), a Sprite and some much needed girl time, minus the people watching was had tonight, a surprise summer tease from Mother Nature. But the people watching occurred when it was too obvious that our conversation of constant texting and lack of respect happened a few feet away. Situation: Man on date with girl in really bad neon clothes from the 80’s. She leaves to go to the bathroom (we suspect), he jumps on the phone to text (we assume). Had my girlfriend not said anything I wouldn’t have noticed that girl in the bad 80’s attire had left and was replaced by another female in a polka dotted skirt. I don’t have to tell you that we think he was texting his next date. Even so, had I been meeting a potential date at the place we were at I would have not worn something I could wear to an outdoor bbq, or that would make me the only person at the bar who was glowing. It would have been more than just jeans and a t-shirt for dinner at home, for this place a skirt and heels would have made an appearance, or even that dress I recently bought. It was a perfect night for the perfect…sexy…summer tease.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bar Hopping Not the Standard Walk-A-Bout

Sitting fireside at a ski resort, and not actually ski-ing, random acts of kindness took place over wasabi tuna, and out of the norm beer munchies and above all typical evening out ending with people passed out in their own beds.
- Young waiters, really young waiters
- Old guys sitting at bar stools waiting for the bunny skiers
- Put a ‘hello my name is tag’ on the waitress so the guys can look at her boobies
- At next bar…we sat in high chairs for adults with cushions where super Mario served us pizza.
- ‘I have a big one’
- Shorty guys at 2nd bar stop, shorter than me and the ghosts can’t help that one
- Grandpa held grandma’s flower purse at the bar
- ZZ top band member was drinking at the bar with us
- ‘I’m totally wet”