Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Probably Not Means No….and btw I was just trying to be nice

At first trying to schedule meeting up for a drink with an old acquaintance was not so bad, then came scheduling conflicts and then he got annoying. I wonder if it was my newly single status that made it so apparent that he was soooo desperate to see me. Either way, sending me constant emails or messages on other social websites thinking I check them often enough (which I don’t) was a huge turn off. I even let him know where happy hour was one evening after work, in which he persisted to ask me to send him directions. Now, this guy has been emailing me, I know he’s techy savy so why not google the place? Duh! So, the last straw of me being nice all these months came last week when he, yet again sends me a damn email, “So we gonna hang out or what ??” My response was “Probably not, I'm busy”. Well "probably not" was not good enough for him because he said it “left the door open”, yes I am quoting him btw. I had to put a stop to this and to stop being nice and just outright say “Probably not means No!!!” I swear, and you guys thought women were dramatic and that we read into things….probably not (all the time)!