Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Note to Self: No Java After 3pm

Sleep did not come easy last night, I think it was on vacation. I had 2 cups of java, 1 small at 3 pm, 1 medium BK special at 5:30. Needless to say I was amped up and ready to play the final game of the season in semi freezing conditions yet again. I don’t think the chicken sandwich had anything to do with my extra energy either. But after playing 7 strong innings, a triple and a single later, a few lewd comments and a celebratory beer we mosied ourselves to Chili’s where ‘Bob-ee’ our waiter was probably hoping we’d leave early. He reminded me of Frodo, yes, I called him a Hobbit, but not to his face. I’m sure he was in awe that so many women were calling his name for most of the night. Many a beverage was served, consumed and toasted upon bottomless chips and queso dip, while chatting about everything and watching me stab the chicken finger that looked like a penis with my fork, there was nothing delicate about that.

It was finally nice to be home and in bed, nice and warm, comfy and yet wired. Last time I looked at the clock it was 1:20 am, I refused to look again while playing the fun game with myself called “if I keep my eyes closed, it will be just like sleeping”. I rolled over, grabbed one of my extra pillows and held on, not like I planned on levitating during one of my dream sequences that I so seldom have, but a comforting notion that tomorrow is another day (which in theory is actually today) and I’ll be able to drift off into ‘la la land’ with my favorite friend “Simply Sleep”.

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