Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Vegas: Quotes and then some...

“I forgot my brushes”
“I forgot my bathing suit”
“Would you like your shoes shined? I’d love to shine your shoes” – some guy said this to me in Paris, I really hope he was referring to my shoes.
“Can he pull it out?”
“You know what I do, and you know my phone #”. – I wrote this down, but I really don’t remember who said this
“Las Vegas Fruits and Nuts – which are you?” – t-shirt in the airport
- Don’t listen to Bryan at the Rapid Roulette table in Paris – he’s only there to distract you and talk about Global Warming and tax dollars
- Eddie Munster works on the top of the Eiffel Tower
- Princess lucky she didn’t get her ass whooped by all of us after we landed in Newark
- Vegas is cold in December
- Don’t eat dinner at Buca, but order their garlic bread
- Never thought I’d use handwarmers at a softball game
- We collected 52 nudey cards to play Go Fish
- Dawnie works at In and Out Burger
- Natalie's friend 'Ernie' was well behaved, we didn't hear a peep from him all weekend!
- Nothing beats stopping at a red light to switch drivers and hop fences..you had to be there
“What is your problem – have you never seen a bunch of softball players before?”
- 6 hr flight there – 4 hr flight back
- Even though it poured all day on Friday, the field was bone dry
“It’s on the inside so don’t bother looking for it” the guy said to Shirley when she lifted up the Monitor
- Joanne left with a new nickname
“OMG – you slept in your underwear?”
- I’m still afraid of heights

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