Friday, September 28, 2007

Fashion Show

Last night I went to a fall fashion show at this little boutique store with a girlfriend. Leggings are back (not the ones with the stirrups thank god) and there’s no way I’m reverting back to the 80’s with those just for fall! The sizes were mostly for JR’s, so I tried on jeans – size 5, no luck, fit everywhere else but the length and waist (as usual), I could put a hardcover book back there with a belt. A turquoise top that I had to pull from behind so my bra wouldn’t show in the front, 1 ivory and brown dress, that because I have a long torso I needed to wear something under it that’s how short it was, (yes, it was meant to be worn with leggings) had that not been the problem it would have been perfect with my brown boots, a jersey olive green bubble dress (where the elastic is at your legs) came to mid way would I ever wear it because I couldn’t sit down in it! The whole ‘bubble’ concept baffles me. And last but not least, a wool trench, that was red, blue, yellow, plaid colors that I grabbed in a medium, thinking get a larger size because for fall and winter the clothes are bulkier (layers, sweaters). With the 10% off coupon for attending the show that would have been my purchase had they had a SMALL!

For the night I spent $8 on a salad I had for dinner, a $1 on a raffle ticket, and we got free stuff in the goodie bag for attending. The leopard print ballet shoes were calling me, but not loud enough.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Scenes from the Stairwell

NN: Noisy Neighbor
M: Me

(Noisy Neighbor shouting from upstairs out his door while I’m on the stairwell throughout this entire conversation looking up at him)
NN: Hey shorty
M: Hey, whats up?
NN: What are you doing Friday?
M: I don’t know yet, its only Monday, why?
NN: It’s my girl’s birthday (meaning his girlfriend, not his daughter) and a bunch of us are going to (name of bar) at around 10, you and your man can come have a few drinks, you know.
M: Sounds like a great time!
NN: So what’s going on?
M: Not much, just busy playing softball.
NN: You still seeing that guy, that Spanish guy?
M: Yeah, he’s fine.
(meanwhile I’m thinking…what Spanish guy?)
NN: How often do you see him?
(now I’m starting to get annoyed - you can tell by my answers)
M: Once a week, maybe more.
(ha ha, he’s asking the wrong questions now cuz even if I had a Spanish guy its none of his business)
NN: So what’s his name again? Am I going to meet him?(#1 – Don’t interrogate me, you’ve just made the list and now I’m playing a game.)
M: His name? Don’t worry about it, you don’t need to meet him, ha ha
(Why oh why would he want to meet my apparent Spanish guy?)
NN: Oh ok.
(I think he got the hint after my smart ass comments, but if he pressed on I had a name for this Spanish guy he dreamed of up my sleeve anyway)
NN: Well I’ll let you know about Friday, you know, what time and all on Thursday.
M: Ok great…bye
(I step inside and LMHO, Spanish guy? I don’t think I’ve ever in my entire dating existence dated a Spanish guy. I’m still wondering…”what Spanish guy?”).