Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Winter Clothes Donations

I started my usual clothes changeover while waiting for the kitchen floor to dry – take out the winter sweaters, cords, and put away the cami’s and shorts. The coldness is so depressing, but I do like to see snow once in a while. In doing this changover, I noticed I hate what I have to wear for the winter. Conservative sweaters, sweaters that are a bit huge because I got flack from family that I am too skinny that I started wearing baggy clothes so they wouldn’t harp on me to eat more. I’m sorry if I’m in shape compared to other females my age who just ‘let themselves go’ and hit the bag o’ chips late at night. Those that say they go to the gym and they don’t even look like they use the stairs. What I have to wear for the winter I can wear to work, but not on weekends or anywhere fun. That’s soooo not me. Let me clarify what I mean by conservative: not form fitting, no shape to the fabric, baggy, not sexy or appealing, clothes that I do not feel comfortable in, nothing in style. Don’t think that I plan on slutting it this winter, because that’s not me either, but I’m not a ‘Lands End’, ‘Eddie Bauer’ shopper. I’ll spend my hard earned cash at Ann Taylor Loft & Express on items that fit and not have to be tailored to fit. This week you’ll catch me bagging my old clothes for good will, someone else will appreciate conservative winter clothes, someone at least 20 lbs heavier than me. And please don’t buy me anything in ‘petite’ or at NY&C, because most of the time they don’t fit either.

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