Saturday, November 10, 2007

Red roses? Not so much...

My favorite flowers are tulips, stargazer lilies, and roses but not the red ones, Delilah roses. I won’t tell you what color they were, but they were in the movie Bed of Roses. Anything but red ones are impressive, and its always the thought that counts that takes me a step back and catches me off guard, its very attractive and shall I quote Paris H “ HOT”. I received a rose, but not just any rose, it was a special rose. Not the typical red ones you would receive on Valentine’s Day, not that I would know because I’ve never received them on the 14th….sigh. Back to the rose, it caught me off guard, it kept me smiling for days, and it was one single stem, a sweet thought went into the beauty of it that was well received with a hug and a kiss. Needless to say that rose is sweeter than candy any day of the week.

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