Thursday, March 15, 2012

Star Struck

Sometimes stories that I bring back to life now are funnier than when they actually happened.  In my younger years I attempted to give a guy a 2nd chance, knowing this time around he actually had his license back (so I wasn't the one carting his a$$ around).  I can’t recall if it was the 2nd date or if it was the 1st, but the moment I stepped into his dorm room and he turned off the lights (trying to be Mr. Romantic) I was in sheer horror, I didn’t know whether to laugh or run out of there.  So I stayed and realized the spark wasn’t there anymore AT ALL…and I doubt it had anything to do with the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling swaying my opinion.

Where'd I go?

I just finished reading a regional blogger talking about how she put her life on hold to conceive, and how she was realizing that she had lost a part of who she was in order to do this.  She became someone else, someone who she quite frankly didn’t know.  I think we all have gone down this similar path, maybe not in hopes to get pregnant but to change for someone or something else.  In her blog she goes on after realizing this drastic change made her unhappy that she was searching to ‘get back to where she’s meant to be’ and that entirely means doing the things that makes her happy and pushing aside the paranoia for all things leading to pregnancy.  I left a comment on her site encouraging her ‘never forget who you are and always be true to one’s self’, which ultimately in the grand scheme of things, no matter where you are in life you cannot forget yourself, who you are, what you do that brings happiness to your life.  In the end doing things that make other people happy usually bring misery to your life and well being.  Once you lose that side of one’s self, it may be destructive to find it again, and if and when you do you will be happier and wonder why you ever left in the first place.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Cookie Monster

I recently had a conversation with someone about going to the gym, running, working out and eating right.  How often do I workout, how many miles do I run a week, how I eat healthy at work instead of hitting the vending machine and diving into the free food leftover from a meeting, you know the drill.  This person told me how hard it is now that they are older to watch what they eat, have the discipline to go to the gym and eat healthy, etc. and they are trying to maintain a schedule to lose 15 lbs.  I thought that was just an excuse, first I’m older and somehow have adjusted without limiting myself to having chocolate and snacks when I want (but at a minimum – more like a treat).  I say NO to the leftovers at work because I pack healthy snacks (almonds, protein bars, fruit). Real easy….right? So yesterday I was approached by this person with leftovers.  You can imagine what is going through my mind after hearing about the plight to eat healthy and go to the gym and so on and here this person is offering me a cookie, not bite size, it was larger than a baseball probably close to 200 calories not to mention the amount of sugar that would have sent me off to naptime at about 3 pm.  I politely said, “No thank you, I have fruit for a snack”.  I won’t lie and tell you that yes you can go to the gym and work out 5-6 days a week, eat junk food and you’ll get that hot body.  Who are you kidding? Don’t offer me a cookie unless you are David Beckham, because then we can talk about how to burn off those calories later!