Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to Meet Men 101

Due to a request, I collaborated with a few chosen females so we had each status covered

How to Meet Men 101
Odds are you’ve tried and failed, or tried and captured the wrong one. There’s no sure fire way to meet someone, but you have to start somewhere. Classes can be tested out of depending on your level of sexiness.

Class 1: How to Smile, be Friendly and Say “HI”. If you don’t put yourself out there, you will never know.
Role playing and research required
Meets every Monday to talk about what you learned over the weekend.

Class 2: Know what you are looking for and what you are not. Develop a checklist
Open Forum
Meets every other Tuesday, this way as your list grows from what you learned from the weekend you can talk about it.

Class 3: All’s Fair in Love and War. Learn the Art of Compromise and Negotiation.
He’s got the remote but you got the handcuffs tonight!

Class 4: Men are From Mars – Women are From Venus. Read it, learn it and understand why a man needs a cave.
Required library reading for open group discussion.

Class 5: How to Boost Your Confidence and Look Sexy. It’s ok to ask for his number, its ok if he says ‘no’, its ok to show a little cleavage and it’s OK to call before the 3 day rule!
Group practice, research and makeovers at the mall for women who need it.

Class 6: Have No Expectations! How to avoid waiting by the phone.

Class 7: Where are they? How to find them, when to find them, or how they just appear out of no where!
Group research, role playing and experiments
Open discussion on Monday’s

Class 8: Love Him and Not your Dog. Man comes first, kick dog out of bed and spend that hard earned cash on some heels and skirts!
Presentation and speaker in auditorium. Seats are limited.

Class 9: How to speak up and get what you want or get out. Verbalize your wants and needs – do not be afraid to tell him which buttons to press, that you wish he threw out the holy socks and tell him what would really make you happy.
Group practice, slide show presentation

Class 10: Online Dating & Blind Dates – Tips and Tricks
Do be honest, don’t give out personal information and always have a ‘safety net’.

Class 11: Don’t forget to compliment him!
Handouts and role playing

Class 12: Dating friends – pros and cons. He knows all about you…do you cross that line?

Class 13: Be Yourself not Paris Hilton. If he can’t like you for who you truly are then he’s not worth keeping around. And If you can’t be yourself with him, then you better kick yourself in the a$$.
Guest Speaker

Class 909: How to be a “Chick Man”
It’s ok to eat more than your man at one sitting and eat some of his steak. Men find it sexy when a woman can take down food like a garage disposal and maybe do some ABC burbs afterwards.
Point to class: Be yourself and see if he can stand it.

Class 10 - Enjoying Sports with Your Man. Men love sports. You don’t but want to share his interests.
Explore sports from an exciting perspective – discover and focus on the hottest guys on the team while your man thinks you are the best date ever!
Lab: Picking out cute fan apparel (did you know all teams come in PINK!??)

Prerequisites: All’s Fair in Love and War – Art of Compromise and Negotiation, How to be a “Chick Man”

Final Exam: How to put it all together – now get out there and get some!

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