Friday, March 13, 2009

In A Nut-Shell

I thought a particular website would have been better than the previous one. Yes, I agree it’s a ton of fun and I’ve re-connected with a bunch of people I went to high school, amongst others but yet again, the web has let me down. Just because I post an email address does not mean you can send me email solicitations. In fact, don’t even try to add names of my friends on my list to those emails either, that is such an invasion of privacy that I can’t begin to explain. So this prompted me to hide yet again, and resort to the oh-so-private life that I like to have, where you as an acquaintance who claims to be a friend, will have to work a little harder to ‘get to know me’ and not just ‘add me’ as a friend. My true friends know what I’m up to, how to reach me…I am not announcing it to the world anymore.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Not CSI or Grey's

It’s not every day that I sit and actually take notes on key words in meetings at the office. But today, since the topic got stonewalled and veered off course I decided to jot some things down. It doesn’t quite beat the normal people watching scenarios I write about, but it sure adds a bit of ‘funny’ to your every day professional business lingo. You have to imagine using these terms in a typical sentence during a conference call with other higher-ups and not a typical episode of CSI or Grey’s Anatomy:
- You have to circle back around on that one
- I (insert someone elses opinion here) that (insert 3 big words) and (add a clever catch phrase)
- Maybe I’m well out of school on this but…
- It’s a behemoth……you have to extrapolate that, and once it penetrates you hit the motherload
- They have situational amnesia
- That’s what I call an administrative irritant
- …that work intimately with that department
- Let them find the body
- Let them puke on it for a while
- That may be too deep in the weeds…
- …throw up on me on that one