Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Perfect Timing - Not so Perfect

Is there ever such thing as timing? I might renig what I’ve said before about timing being everything. I do believe there are reasons why things happen, but time has nothing to do with it. There is no such thing as “perfect timing”. You can’t just wait for it to be “perfect” you have to take action and make it “perfect”. If you sit around waiting, your time may never happen, it might just pass you by and not knock on your door. I am a firm believer in destiny and how it shapes your fate, meaning the paths you choose to take form the rest of your life, your relationships. I can play six degrees with most of my friends…for example, if my parents didn’t get divorced, my dad didn’t move up here for work, and I didn’t choose to move with him, I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful people in my life. And that was not “timed”. The “timing” in life - its not set, it doesn’t exist. It will never be the right time to do something, say something, buy something. I might never win the lottery because it’s not the right time, but I refuse to let something so small as the hands on a watch predict what I’m going to do, say, and buy tomorrow because for all this time, I really thought it wasn’t right. I had been waiting for the perfect moment in the conversation, when all along I had to make it perfect.

Friday, May 25, 2007

5/12 - Sex in the City Part 1

Italy would be my Paris and dark chocolate is my nicotine. I think in one way or another we all have our "Sex in the City" moments. We chat with our girlfriends about men, life, sex, love, and all the in between. We date/dated, winners, losers, the ones we let get away, the ones who broke our heart, the ones we fall hopelessly in love with and the ones that always come back for more. I can't deny that in some ways I'm Carrie, my fascination for writing these fun little blurbs about life, work and love. I don't write for a column, I write for pure enjoyment but I always leave the names of my subjects confidential. Mr. Big is intoxicating and we've all had/have one of those men in our lives. The emotionally unattainable who you give your heart to, who reciprocates love, then takes it back, until finally realizing what he's lost when she's unattainable and tries to win her back. He is a little more forward and trusting than most men, he tells you exactly what he wants in a relationship. He's honest, trusting and your best friend.

Love is a tough game and I hate to use the term "game" but its all about playing your cards right, betting high and not expecting anything. If you put your cards on the table, and strike it big, then you win the jackpot. If you fold early, you lose the jackpot to someone else. Having lost it all makes the chance of winning it back a 2nd time all the more important. I'm going all in…I'll let you know if I strike it big!

Lessons Learned - A Goodbye To April

Goodbye to April and sweaters, heavy socks, flannel sheets and snow boots. Hello May, pretty flowers, softball, tons of birthdays, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, skirts and sandals, windows down and sunroof open. What did I learn this month - you're going to laugh but first, don't mix White Zin with Cabernet. I learned to stop being afraid, there's really nothing to lose. I learned that no matter how many times I drive past a tarot card/palm reader building, that I probably won't stop to learn what the future has in store for me. I learned that you, my readers, can never tell truth from sarcasm and how many of these that I've written are actually true and not taken from a movie or someone else's life. Can you figure it out? I learned that who I am cannot be caged like an animal; you "can't put Baby in a corner". Someone once said to me they wanted the "old me" back, well she's "coming out of her cage" finally, and she's "bringing it". (I only hope it's not too late…) You listening….I know you, not your name but your game. I know you, come to me or I'll come to you.

Sounds Like....

I left the office today, got in my car, put on my satellite radio and there it was, right in front of me, I was surrounded. I couldn’t escape the sound, the song that I pray I hear occasionally but the one that I didn’t want to hear today. I’m sure you all have moments like this, a remembrance of sorts. As for songs, its one of the non-material items that I’ll carry around like an accessory. Certain songs bring a smile to my face because I remember when and where they were playing and who I was with. I might have danced with someone to a song, might have been the night I gave a lap dance, it might have been my wedding song, or that silly Grease song I used to sing drunk out of my mind down the shore. It could be one of the songs my dad used to love, and how I know he’s there when they are on the air. Then there are the songs where I just want to pluck out the lyrics and speak them out loud and those for pure torture that I find soothing because I can cry my eyes out. But today was no ordinary day, I was trapped, surrounded by sound and no matter what channel I put on, the memory was there. Thank goodness for CD’s, at least I can control what I hear.