Thursday, May 29, 2008

Playing in the Sandbox

I’m not quite sure where to begin, other than I’m not playing reindeer games with anyone even for the sheer thrill or sport of it anymore. Life is too short to play recess games and go on carnival rides to test the boundary lines with innocents who truly don’t have ‘game’ at all. I will give them kudos for trying and apologize if the cohorts and myself made the innocents out to be fools. Fortunately I’ve been spinning the wheel of fortune in hopes to advance my gamepiece in the right direction. I don’t know if I’m winning or not, sometimes the odds are against me and I have to go back to start. But I won’t stop rolling the dice until I run out of monopoly money or buy all the houses on my side of the game board where maybe one day you’ll be lounging with me on Boardwalk cheering on the number 5 horse.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

I have to say my birthday was special this year: a fun night out with a good friend of mine and other friends, wives, husbands, countrymen haha, with a blinking ‘kiss the birthday girl’ pin that never got any kisses..thank goodness and a shot glass that remained in the car. Seeing old friends and hearing from them after a year or so with birthday wishes…and to top it off was a sweet surprise that appeared in my inbox when I finally sat down to open email at home. I opened the email and hit play and let it play till I thought it was going to end, but it never did. I sat there laughing, smiling, and so happy that an ecard would have such an affect on me even to provoke impure thoughts. But it did and slowly but surely all my bad birthday memories are disappearing and I will have to think of a really good way to repay that gift..and I know just the thing.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Nerve Part II

I'm still trying to decide if this is worth posting..after the VO incident, and him intentionally parking his vehicle in front of my garage to wash it so I can't get out, yesterday he parks his vehicle in between both our garages so I can't swing in. After driving about an hour home, its not what I want to come home to. Maybe I'll have to spike the VO for him next time he knocks, but I'm awful tired of being nice.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Nerve

Some people have some nerve….to knock on my door and think they can buy a bottle of vodka from me? What do I look like a liquor store? I swear, it reaffirms the goal of getting out of that apartment as quick as I can because I’m so tired of dreading that knock on the door from the man upstairs. No I didn’t sell him any VO, I gave him 2 beers that had been sitting in my fridge for about 4 months. You think I’m going to give up my good stuff? I don’t think so.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here's to you...Mrs. Robinson

Funny how people are in general…first nice and friendly, usual chit chat, banter back and forth and then they get all weird. Last week someone asked me for a practice date..yeah I know, what the hell is a practice date. Anyway, this dude is much younger than me and told me that I was a good representative of women my age, later followed by “I want to date older women” and “we should go on a practice date”. Needless to say I find this impeccably amusing in a Mrs. Robinson kinda way, aside from the fact that I’m just not interested. I do admire the balls the dude had for attempting such a feat. The ploy for a practice date when he was really hoping it would be a real one. He hasn’t reached stalker potential yet and I have him as a low threat level. I would have had no problem if he asked for dating advice but as for a potential suitor for me, not gonna happen, and neither is that practice date since I shot him down on site. Can’t fault a guy for trying but my sights are elsewhere at the moment.

"My Favorite Time of the Year"

Nothing better than a nice spring afternoon having lunch on a patio with wildflowers, making me not want to return to work at all, but to kick back, relax and enjoy the new ride. It totally beats waking up to coffee grounds slipping thru the filter and adding a little flavor to my daily dose of java.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not a WOW Wednesday

After having a hairdryer malfunction, my purse spilling out in the garage, forgetting my totebag and essential passwords, and hitting every light possible on the way to work besides the slow ass Lexus drivers I meet up with along the way, I can tell today is going to be very interesting - I’m at karmas mercy.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Put Up Your Dukes

I admit, after putting up a great fight, I lost the Coke vs Sprite Debate. I claimed, argued, debated that Sprite had less sugar/calories because it wasn’t as syrupy as Coke (due to Cokes darkness in color). Here is what I found doing my research and having myself proved wrong:

In an 8 oz size bottle and some help from the internet nutrition counters:
Coke – 97 Cals, 33 mg Sodium
Sprite – 96 Cals, 47 mg Sodium
Dr. Pepper – 100 Cals, 35 mg Sodium
Diet Coke – 1 Cal, 28 mg Sodium
Lipton Green Tea – 80 Cals, 70 mg Sodium
Water – is Water

I’m not sure what I owe now that I’ve lost this horrid Debate, I don’t recall putting any monetary wagers or anything of that sort on this however, I’m sure I owe something. But I will continue to drink water and green tea and treat myself to Sprite. Don’t let the Diet Coke 1 Calorie mumbo jumbo fool you – it still has sugar in it!