Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things You Hear on the Softball Field

(with a little help from The Shirley’s):
· Beat the Meat
· Sh^%, F&^k,
· My as* is so wet that you wouldn't even know it if I did crap myself
· Try to get it up
· Way to get down on that
· My hand hurts from catching your balls all night
· Clare!!!!!
· I’m stretching out my p-bic area
· What are YOU doing?
· It was deep

Things I say that no one else hears from way out in left field..ha ha
· THAT did not just happen
· What the f&^% was that?
· Wow, look at that (as one goes over my head and over the 250ft fence)
· Are you kidding me?
· Damn that 3rd baseman is blocking my view again!
· What was she thinking?
· Dammit, I’ve got to pick another wedge
· I never realized I had a fan club

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