Monday, November 5, 2007

Every Man Should....

Disclosure: Written in May/June of this year in one of my tyrades- not present day. Not EVERY man should do all of this - but it is the "somethings" that matter.

A man should treat his mother with respect, and his father as a mentor, a guide, someone he looks up to. A man should be himself when he's with you and when he's with his friends, when he's with you with his friends. A man should care, love, respect you, he should not be afraid to show/tell his feelings, no matter how silly, caring, unpredictable they may be. #1 he should not be afraid. He shouldn't be afraid to be silly and adventurous, and be that with you. He should make you smile – all the time. A man should give you the best hugs ever, the ones where you don't want to let go, you want to hold on forever because you know he'll never let you go. A man should call you, not think about calling and then put the phone down, but just do it, even if its for 5 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour, he should call, just to say "Hi" (a text or email will do just fine today too). A man should sit close to you watching tv, a movie, or just while having dinner, he should put his arm around you and make you feel as if you and him are the only two in the room. He should be surprising and romantic – in his own special ways. He shouldn't be afraid to reach out and touch you, hold your hand when you're walking together down the street, put his hand on your knee in the car, under the table, cop a feel in public (whatever works for you). He should not be or act possessive, but in a glance or a touch let you know that you are his. He should stick up for you, support you, listen to you vent about the crappy day you've had without judgment and just listen. He should be your best friend. He should wink and smile at you from across the room, because he knows you are looking at what a handsome man you've got. (He's not supposed to notice everything - it's the somethings that matter). He should tell you how sexy you are, how pretty/beautiful you look and he should know he'll get the compliments back in return. He should pay attention to what you like (in and out of the bedroom). He should tell you what he likes if you haven't already figured it out. At night, if you are asleep first, a man should make sure you are under the covers, and kiss you on the cheek, not being afraid to wake you because you would do that for him a thousand times. A man should know that no matter where you are you are always thinking about him, that you care and that you'd do everything I've written above just the same and more.

And always….always kiss me goodnight.

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why shouldn't it be a natural thing?