Thursday, June 27, 2013

An Introduction to Sandwiches

When it comes to a free lunch, there are usually a few options.  It might be hot food, it might be pizza, it could be assorted sandwiches and wraps.  So if its free, why does everyone sound stupid asking these questions?  Do they not appreciate what is being offered to them?  Can they not tell the difference between a tuna sandwich and ham? You decide. 

Sound bytes from a free lunch with a variety of sandwiches in a half hour time span (anything in parens indicates the number of times it was said):
Variations of: “What are my choices?” “ So what are these?” “ Which one is pot luck?”
“Glad I got here”
“Walk don’t run”
“Two sandwiches per person” (3)
“Take two, that’s it”
“Don’t forget your bag of chips and your drink” – should be changed to “Don’t forget your daily extra amount of sodium intake”
“This is tuna” (10)
“This is ham” (6)
“This is veggy” (6)
“This is chicken” (10)
“This is like a sloppy Joe” (8)
“Drinks are in the kitchen” (3)
“I just tasted something that was good”
“What luncheon is the best?”
“I was kinda wondering there for a second”
“If (name to not be mentioned) comes back tell him there’s none left”
“What’s going on? Is there lunch happening?” – obviously this could be a person’s inability to put two and two together seeing the spread on the table, however I sympathize because I know this person was on a call with a client while this loud and obnoxious luncheon was being served in the an open
working area for the entire office.
“There’s still stuff left”
“Hey, were you here before?”
“How many can I take?” – what is being offered is never enough for some
“This one has eggplant, maybe that is the veggy one?”
“Do you want the veggy ones or not?”
“That’s it?  That’s all your having?” – as if what was on their plate was a piece of lettuce
“Does your wife feed you?” – LOL moment, literally
“Are they toasted?” – clearly visible that some were toasted due to the marks on the bread
“Gotta watch my girlish figure” – came from a guy
“When’s dessert?” – the ultimate question that only those who do not appreciate freebies would ask
“Look, there’s all sorts of food here today?” – really? I never noticed and had no idea based on the decibels radiating from the other side of the wall
“Go ahead and finish them” – how does this not lead to an expanding waistline?
“Which one didn’t I have?” – see above
Conversation inferring to peer pressure: “Did you get your bag of chips?” “No, I’m passed my limit”, “That’s ok, save it for later” – yes, more sodium does a body good – NOT!
“Thank you” (2)

It’s unfortunate only two said “Thank you” during this session that I couldn’t help but make entertaining instead of agonizing when I’m the one on the calls. It’s a shame that the very same people that drive themselves to work everyday need introductions to sandwiches, even if they were labeled I guarantee the same questions would be asked.  I did not partake in the freebies, as my chicken, spinach salad with almonds was much more appetizing with a banana as my dessert. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What I Learned and How I Survived the Big “D”

Divorce is not easy on anyone, whether you have kids or don’t have kids, its not easy, its not cheap either.  But I survived and so will you.  I needed to have a little patience with myself.  I was now on my own and alone.  I got a do-over as I like to call it. 

I am in no way shape or form an expert on how to survive a divorce, what I can tell you is how I survived, what I did, how I found my happiness again.  This is my personal experience, a verbage of after affects from an unhappy marriage, when counseling didn’t work and things probably wouldn’t have changed regardless.  I do not have kids.  In the end it was a mutual breakup and not ‘surprise I’m asking you for a divorce' followed by a 'sign here’ sticker.  I can only tell my story and hope that you will find something which provides you comfort, hope and your do-over.  Always remember you are A #1, you must do what makes you (and your kids if you have them) happy.

Look for multiple installments of ‘Surviving the Big D” in days to come.  

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Primer Showdown

Benefit’s The Porefessional vs Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer
 - main use to cover the visible pores and fine lines that have been appearing as I age (seem to find a new one every year).

The Porefessional  I received as a sample with a purchase from Sephora at my last visit.  I was able to get 2 uses out of it.  After I applied my daily moisturizer and let that set in I applied the Pore Professional around my eyes, my forehead and those newly appearing lines by my lips.  It applies like a creamy mousse, has a soft satin texture to it once you apply it and perfectly blends in with my skin tone.  I did let it dry completely before continuing with my foundation, concealer, etc.  which does dry smooth and without a greasy finish.  It does not soak in my powder either.  Retails for $30 for 0.75 oz squeeze tube.

Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer I bought at the local drugstore, I didn’t want to break the bank on a first time primer not knowing what the results would be, how it would feel on my face, even after reading the reviews.  I applied it again after my daily moisturizer set in to the problem areas, same routine as above.  It goes on smooth, it’s a light pink color that blends in well with my skin tone.  It did leave my skin shiny on humid days but nothing a little powder couldn't fix.  Retails for $12.49 for .90 oz pump jar.

Overall I’d have to say I like the texture of Porefessional better than Revlon PhotoReady.  They both cover the problem areas the same, however Porefessional dried quicker and didn’t leave my skin oily on a humid day even with moisturizer.  After speaking to my makeup friend about primers she suggested to try Smashbox and that I’d like that one better.  Back to Sephora I go after I finish PhotoReady – if not to buy then at least for samples J