Friday, November 16, 2007

Training Day

What happened in our training session yesterday - trust me taking these notes keeps me awake. I will give kudos to the trainers – they were entertaining and did not bore us.
Frequently Used Terms (FUTs)
· Champion – “I serve as your champion for now”
· Bio Break
· Truly global
· Roll out
· Static
· You will remember the ‘pencil’

Other side notes:

· 1 stalker driveby
· Blue socks with brown pants
· Recycle bin has restrictions – You can reject garbage!
· Wide use of acronyms – People should come with subtitles or balloon headings like “Pop up video”, how am I supposed to know what QC’d means?
· Why do people stroll by the conference room and look inside to see what’s going on? Obviously if it was that important I’m sure they would be in there.
· Why do us females get interrogated in the bathroom by future training attendees? It’s a class, there’s nothing secretive about it and you’ll find out tomorrow. Oh and yes they did feed us and it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary but sang-wiches.
· Grimace barges down the door to announce feeding time - literally barges down the door and came back for 2nds even though she couldn't fit in the chair.
· Didn’t win the side ‘attire bet’ we had going on, but did guess 3 out of the 10 possibilities.
· Just because I’m IT doesn’t mean I can fix your computer.

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