Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Food Shopping - What Would You Do?

You are food shopping, in the pasta aisle…a woman with kids is in the middle of the aisle – hogging the space, you patiently say “Excuse me” so you can pass and she does not hear you. Meanwhile, a little old arrogant lady drives up along side of you – she thinks you’ve ‘pulled over’ when in fact you are waiting for the woman with kids to move out of the way. Do you let the little old lady cut in front of you?

My answer:
Little old arrogant lady cut in front of me after woman with kids moved….I could have crashed into her cart, but as I drove by her in another aisle I said, so ever so nicely, “beeeatch”!

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Anonymous said...

Food shopping is hell, and don't forget those bad and/or aggressive drivers in the parking lot and the not so handicapped drivers in the handicapped spots. Maybe a little exercise would get them off the handicapped list. Manners have taught me to respect your elders, but then again she has probably always got away with it, one of those girls we all love to hate in her younger years, well no time like the present to teach an old beetch a little respect.