Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 Unfilted and Not Processed

Happy Thanksgiving 2015 ‘unfiltered’ and ‘not processed’ – the only way to be

After a snafu in attempting to make a healthy frosting for my healthy pumpkin spice cupcakes, and having to forego that and start from scratch the next day with a real cream cheese frosting recipe from scratch thanks to the Food Network, to one broken nail (happened after I cooked everything) and one cut finger (during dishes) I will not disappoint with this years Thanksgiving terms during dinner that could be construed as inappropriate.  Even after drinking "Red Headed Step Child" wine, which could be inappropriate, I am not offended at all. 

Disclosure as always: For the ‘rookies’ this is what is said at our dinner table, uncensored, no filter, and what could be or isn’t normal at other’s houses for Thanksgiving.  *May not be suitable for those under 17 and who may get offended easily. * No children were present at this table.

Q: Do you wanna probe that yet?
A: No I still have an hour to go.
  • Cajones
  • I love the neck, that’s as enticing as sucking face
  • You can do both
  • I got a squirter
  • What plate is this that I’m using for salad? (there were multiple plate settings on the dinner table)
  • This is real china (after turning over the plate) Its made in Japan
  • A little more, I’m a grown ass man
  • Light, dark in between

Q: What’s the difference between white and dark meat?
A: After laughing so hard they forgot to answer the question

Talking about a Food Network chef.. She can get dirty at my home
Chef would ask: How long does this go in the oven?
The answer: Until you hear the ding

I took my hands and put it under the skin and massaged it.

Q: Did you inject it?
A: I massaged it.
  • There’s still a lot of breast left
  • Its QVS. No, you mean QVC
  • I’ll have a neck
  • Do you know if this bird had a beard?
  • You don’t eat the bone
  • I’m gonna do this neck thing
  • I want that whole carcus on your plate
The butt is still in there. I like them when they’re fried and dried out.
Fried ass is a good ass!
  • Mine would have ear muffs.
  • Would you put it in your mouth?
  • Are you down with the brown?
  • That knob I can deal with
  • A little slippage on the outtake
  • I’m glad it didn’t rise

That should take two swallows. 
In the Godfather it was “slurp, and its gone”.