Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Poor Excuse for Disappearing Act

Due to strenuous activities, softball playoffs and other things including being busy at work obviously I have not been writing, nor have been inspired to write anything worthy of your eyes. July comes to a close with a great way to end the month, including something else I can’t mention on here because of my particular audience who may be reading and I do not want to spoil anything. Stay tuned for the ‘trailer’. Besides citrus clean, jello shots, and a huge calzone without utensils, I’ve been short changed, happy, and exhausted, but not in any particular order. As I raise my cup of nasty coffee from the office this morning because I forgot to pick up milk last night, I toast to the great times I’ve had in July and the memories that will always stay with me like the scar on my forehead I’ve had since childhood.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Reaching the Finish Line

My quest for singlehood and self discovery is almost at a close. Admitting I did this on purpose is not what I’m implying, at least the self discovery portion was well worth it because I am back to being queen of the jungle. As for my dating adventures, the one hit wonders that came and went I don’t think about them, I don’t really care about them either. The ones who text me complete conversations lose my interest quickly, especially those who after they don’t get a response from me after a half hour of the texting back and forth nonsense and then proceed to text me with ‘where’d you go?’. I’m not sorry for losing interest in a game that most teenagers play nowadays, you want to ask me what I do for a living, dial the nine numbers, don’t text it to me. They had enough balls to ask me for my number, they can call to get to know me better. I’ve gained friends for life, enemies that I can do without and kept friends I’ve always had. Lounging, chocolate martinis (my guilty pleasures) and secret code words in espanol, the never-ending requirements list gets more and more interesting by the day and TFDU is more than worth a day off from the daily grind (how many more days?). I know exactly what I want now and there’s nothing stopping me from making me happy. Life is too short.

The anxiousness to sign, seal and deliver hasn’t left yet as there are still blanks that need to be filled in, however the end is near. I do miss what we had but all the underlying factors that went along with it will never change, including all the unconscious others that surfaced during my analytical period which has now commenced.

Where I’m headed next I do not know but these two lanes can take me anywhere.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Its Only Tuesday

...a nice surprise, maybe Batman, Springsteen next week, hitting a triple for the first time this season made the entire week SWEET and its not over yet. Aside from floating in the Hudson River in my red bikini drinking a LandShark and not quite falling for lines like "i lost my frisbee" and "i love you baby" from people I never will ever see again, tonight is my night to do my thang. Because tomorrow I have to get up again and kick some ass at 3rd and hope that I don't open the huge war wound from last night due to distractions from Mexico.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Third times a charm?

Instead of doing the typical local yocal gigs last night, we headed east and hit pubs this time, not T&A clubs. When we pulled up to the Ringside Pub I should have known that due to easy street parking the place would be dead on a Saturday night, and by the time the band went on, it was dead. We had a good laugh at the girl who was sitting on stage with the band behind the drummer, as if she was protecting her man from any bra and panty throwers who would crowd the stage. Grandpa who was sitting next to us, ordered a beer and got up and moved, I don’t think he was enjoying the ‘sex in the city’ type conversation we were having. The bartender was at least friendly, she gave us suggestions where to go down the street and off we went. One Landshark, three amigos, a man who looked like John Lennon and Peter Frampton in plaid pj bottoms later we were out of there. The best part at Cloverleaf was having a Landshark aside from a surfer dude in a black wife beater who was piggybacking on my curls. People watching at both places was in high gear, did I tell you that it was still early on a Saturday night and this two man acoustic band wasn’t packing this place either? I will forget to mention this other place we drove past on the way back west which was closed!

Karma was not making this journey easy for us but we pursued on to our final destination for the night, Miami Mikes. When we pulled up the parking lot was packed, the bar wasn’t which gave us two bar stools to sit our frustrated butts down and have another beer and water on the rocks. I had to laugh at the whole night, in fact I’m still laughing about it. At this bar we saw Larry the Cable Guy, Daddy Warbucks, 2 Harold and Kumars and the bartender who had a block head but was very nice. He seemed to get the joke after he asked what he could get for us ladies…and I replied “you don’t have what we want here”. It was all in good fun and I meant it more for her than for me because I was sitting at the bar taking notes in prime fashion. The highlight of the hour was the three guys who came to sit by us who actually spoke to us. But we have a scenario for that, #1) they were from out of state, #2) they were drunk, #3) they were in their 20’s. My girlfriend confirmed that the reason the yocals don’t talk to us is because we are intimidating, and that only drunk 20 year olds have the balls to and buy us drinks. Nothing like shoeless 20 year olds who have jobs selling soap (don’t ask but we didn’t buy any) talking to us at the bar. They at least had socks on, don’t ask, because I didn’t get it either. It beats the ‘jesus shoes’ from a few weeks ago and any of the stink and stenches that we usually get bothered by. At least I’m laughing about it and turning this into a human experiment.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Madly Madly Madly

The songs sung by today’s adult top 40 ladies are awesome, poetic and say exactly what I want them to, well, not exactly. I could dissect them all and take out the parts I wouldn’t want to say to anyone, but it would ruin the songwriters intentions. Singing my heart out in the car along with the music is ingenious stress reliever for me, and I don’t care who sees me bopping up and down, throwing my head side to side, singing away either. Life is too short to not have any fun even if I’m holding out for a hero for a love like this begging you for mercy.

Season Premiers

Today was no ordinary Saturday morning. I almost burnt my French toast sticks in the toaster oven, but great coffee made up for that. Two cups actually. I woke up later than usual for once, thank you to Tylenol PM sleep was well needed this week for some reason. Besides the kitchen mishaps and neighbor ringing my bell at odd hours this morning there was something just not right about today. Thursday night I tried to watch a show that I recorded last season because I had games the night it was on. I had a game this Thursday too but I tried to watch the season premier, and it wasn’t the same. So I sat down on the couch in my fluffy robe, cup of coffee and my burnt French toast sticks and hit play on my DVR. There was an instant in that moment where time stopped and watching this show just wasn’t the same as it was last season. It doesn’t mean I will stop recording it, it might have been my mood, but whatever it was it has left me in a sullen mood remembering the last episode from last season and how that ended and how this one has begun.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Diary Entry # ?– 7/6/08

There’s no other place I’d rather be on a Sunday than on the couch. I’ll take that back, maybe a few other choice places with a handsome stranger known only to me. As I write my latest entry in my semi-existent diary that I keep for my cherished thoughts and reminiscent times, I have come a long way since last July 4th and the Transformers movie. I’m still caught with the chest protector on in defense of my fragile self who wants to go ‘there’ but doesn’t go ‘there’ because of fear of what the unknown would do to her months from now. Eventually I’ll have to open the window and take a leap, but for now, I’ll leave the curtains drawn and the storm windows shut. There’s a thunderstorm brewing again and that is just not the right weather forecast for what I had in mind. Aside from a little déjà vu this afternoon that I’m still shaking my head about, and the numbers karma that I get when it’s a turkey and swiss on rye day, I’ll put my notations away and resume my lounging spot on the comfy couch…tomorrow is another day to play while everyone is at work.

Footwear Required

Cheers to the 21 year old for attempting the pursuit in ‘jesus shoes’. Anyone stepping into a bar wearing those sandals has to have balls, its just a shame that the only ones daring enough are 21 and under. Too bad I’m just not interested in babysitting.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Non-Existent Deoterant Smells

I think I’ve figured out why I can’t meet anyone when I go out, its not me, its not them, or maybe it is. Its not the type of place I’m going to because I’ve analyzed it a lot lately and came to one conclusion. Its my girlfriend. She attracts the wrong guys to us, and she also deters the decent ones from me and her, not that I want to meet anyone but you know what I mean. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is she does, what types of nonverbal signals she’s sending but its her. The other night we went out on a mission, to meet anyone. I was on a mission for her to meet someone and that didn’t work either. The only guys that came up to us were reminiscent of those who approached us back in January. I did have fun dancing with Kid N Play with using ‘fun’ as the optimal word because they got annoying. At least the place we went to they got the hint quickly and left us alone to just shake our thang. But the lookers only wanted easy girls who had displayed their T & A.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

As President of My Own Fan Club..

As I stand in the outfield contemplating what could actually take place in the next hour and a half the sun slowly starts to set and I scratch my head. I never thought I’d have a fan club.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You Can't Get Your Money Back After 30 days!

Did you ever read those silly articles on your home page about “how to know if she’s into you?” how to know if he’s the one?” I don’t know where these people get their information from but they’ve interviewed the wrong people to compile their lists. I can’t specifically pinpoint my list of ‘signs that I know I’m not feelin’ it” but I can tell you that when I don’t ‘feel it’ I don’t want to be there. Its not hard to know if I like you or not, its usually quite obvious at least to me and whomever my side kick or ‘blocker’ is. By ‘like you’ I mean, want to date you, get to know you better, not just like you as a friend. Now to be politically correct and nice I’ve tried the easy way not to hurt their feelings but I think my next round of let downs will have to be more blunt and to the point. I don’t intend to kick them in the kneecaps unless I absolutely have to bring them down a notch! Sometimes its plain ridiculous because my mind doesn’t come with a 30 day guarantee and yet they still think they can try after or around the 30 days.

Not Your Average One-Hit Wonders

I’ve had a ton of one-hit wonders, by that I mean meeting someone for the first time, having drinks, lunch or dinner. Usually it’s a great conversation but no spark at least on my side of the table. I even spent an entire afternoon with a guy at a place where we had lunch then coffee and dessert, not like the place was kicking us out for being there almost half a day. But as usual, no spark, nada, nothing. I started a spreadsheet too, to track these one-hits, analyze them based on looks, attire, manners and even had a column called “What creeped me out” for obvious reasons. I thought I could compare them all and to see if they made ‘keep or toss’ status (somewhat like Clean Sweep on TLC). That didn’t pan out. Only thing I got from the list besides it taking up some of my time was laughter of my carefully chosen categories and ranking system that I created.

The whole online dating scenario was not for me at all either. I rather meet someone in person and the fireworks represent staying power for more conversation and the ultimate exchange of numbers. (Yes I love voicemail and No I’m not that attached to my phone; text messaging is not considered conversation just used for Yes or No answers/questions and humorous statements.) But then again, that doesn’t always work for me either. I’ve found that I can meet someone in person, have a great conversation, go out for drinks, have a great conversation but next time I see them I wonder what I was thinking! I try to be nice, give almost everyone a chance, they had to say something to get their foot in the door right? Same scenario goes for the ones that I’m nice to and then turn into stalkers because they didn’t think the way I said ‘not interested’ had any sticking power. So I can’t win either way. What I do know is I was trying to meet new people, but I know for a fact, besides when sparks are nonexistent, when I’m having a drink with a one-hit wonder and I’m thinking about someone else its just not going to work. Unless you can persuade me to think otherwise, there will be no kiss at the end of the night for you since I’d rather be kissing someone else.