Sunday, February 3, 2008

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Misadventures again on a Saturday stem from $18 in tolls, a drive over 2 bridges, 4 major highways and ending at a decent house party. I can’t begin to explain the perils of karma for Saturday as I think my planets were in orbital chaos. However, after venturing to a new place in the sticks, the blues Brian Setzer type music was the only good ambience at the Mohawk House and I realized that Quick Check doesn’t sell alcohol after a certain time so going to a party empty handed was definitely not an option.

Here’s our top 11 scenes from the bar, and yes, we wrote these down on a napkin: 1) Fireman on date across the bar, 2) 3 rude married men wished they could all send their wives away for 8 days, 3) Band singers outfit matched my joke, 4) Bar had nice lamp shades, 5) Bartender only paid attention if you paid by credit card..she was a “dingbat” over all, 6) Possible ‘cutie to the right…oh wait..he’s with a girl..dammit’, 7) Snowflake sweater man had bad acne, 8) Short guy with glasses across the bar chewing gum like Cali chick while drinking beer with his o/weight friend..kudos for attire, 9) Man had hair like squirrel, and a little Dracula look to him, 10) Local yocal…everyone knows everyone else, we found “Cheers”. Needless to say we won’t be returning to the Mohawk House, not even in our conservative attire. But the night ended with a stripper pole, losing $20, screwing up my knee, and a chance conversation with Chuck who my girlfriend still doesn’t know why he didn’t ask for her number. I’m just glad I brought the cookies.

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