Saturday, February 16, 2008

Off With His Head!

Thank you hotmail for providing a ‘trash’ bin and a ‘delete’ button because that is definitely what triggered me to write this and not respond to an email. To be completely honest I don’t ask for much and I think I give people way too much space, but that’s who I am. Let’s just say that I won’t be corresponding with a certain someone anymore because they got dramatic on me in a ‘”why didn’t you call me back” while screaming over the phone like a female pulling her hair out, stomping her feet” kinda way. Can you say “psycho”? Would you like a Kleenex with that? I’m usually good at reading people, and I know I had the radar on for this one and after meeting for coffee I just knew something was off. You know when you make a pie and its missing something, or if you make gravy and you put in too much garlic? Yeah, that kind of thing. My friend who sent him my way, should have been part of the screening process because this one was dramatic (along with some other quality/attribute that I can’t pinpoint) with a capital “L”, but that’s not her fault either or maybe it is. I am sitting here shaking my head wondering again, why am I doing this? Why? And the best part of this whole ordeal, are the signs. The ones where you are thinking of someone else while you are having coffee with a complete stranger. The others who bore you over the phone, or those that do a complete 180. The list is endless. I’m just going to stick to what I know, follow that silly gut instinct I call Sparks. So save the drama for ya’ mamma, I’m not playing those games.

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