Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm bored...

I don’t know why I created a profile, why I respond to emails that I have no interest in other than conversation, why I’m even on there for the sport of it all. In all seriousness its just something to fill up my time during the week, and as usual I get, got, am getting very bored with it. The constant banter back and forth thru email, knowing in the real world if I was out at the bar they wouldn’t have the balls to talk to me anyway..baffles the mind. Not that I’d invite Moonshine down for a drink just for conversation (when I know he will think I had ‘changed my mind’) as a way to fill up my weeknights, because I certainly could do that with any one of my token stalkers (if I wanted to). In truth, my heart is afraid to say exactly what’s in there, not that I’d ever admit to it on here anyway. I’m bored, and the butterflies that I felt a few months ago haven’t returned, and lately the thing that still brings a smile to my face is a dried flower and a picture in a frame.

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