Friday, February 15, 2008

It's a 'party' line

Just typical conference call jargon that you can apply to “enter real life situation here”:
¨ Champion
¨ Your swartz is as big as mine
¨ I didn’t get an answer
¨ Tap that
¨ Oh dear God
¨ Who are we married up with?
¨ ‘vetting’ – wtf does that mean?
¨ UAT – see above comment
¨ Tag teaming
¨ Give us a flavor
¨ Let me throw a wrench in this
¨ Working their tails off to keep the lights on
¨ Recircle the wagons
¨ Painted with the same broad brush
¨ All sorts of flags coming up
¨ Raise the heat
¨ Nature of the beast
¨ Pony up
¨ Barking up the wrong tree
¨ Down in the weeds – 3 x
¨ Major bottleneck
¨ Last minute snag
¨ Becoming washes
¨ Vetted
¨ Call in a few cards
¨ In the hospital, under oxygen, its still alive
¨ Touched on the biggies
¨ Walked the path
¨ Should we send him a box of fruit?
¨ Take her in the weeds
¨ Cut the baby in half
¨ Melding
¨ I’m on a soapbox
¨ There’s always a beach
¨ Forest thru the trees
¨ Out of pocket
¨ He-man-shoes
¨ I don’t want to be the bottleneck
¨ Buckets of information
¨ Super User
¨ Just to give you an idea and a flavor
¨ You are sunk
¨ I’m getting a drink, so here we go
¨ Power User
¨ Loosening the deck
¨ We call this the onion
¨ Multiple farms
¨ We play nice with that
¨ Bringing to bed
¨ Circle back around
¨ I was telling my Beagles this morning
¨ Give you a flavor of these in three
¨ Skinny that down
¨ Down and dirty users
¨ If you’re running and screaming I’ll be right behind you
¨ Nad’s eyelash things
¨ Secret sauce

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