Saturday, February 23, 2008

Can I Buy You A Drink?

Let me buy you a drink. Have a drink with me tonight…. I might have used one of the three, or all of the above once or twice in the last year but not as a line. Maybe their glass was empty, maybe it was an invitation. And then you say “Yes” and I do buy you a drink, would you return one to me? Maybe not that exact night if this conversation continues, maybe another time, but would you buy a lady a drink? I don’t normally write while drinking, but I can call this a taste test since I’m perfecting the perfect pomogranite martini, which needs just a little something else. It does make a great prop for writing, its red, it exudes sensuality from a glass, even after a few sips. It’s creating a scene of which I would need you here, surrounded by faint light, and music from a cd which you brought over, complete with 2 glasses. Have a drink with me tonight, it could get very interesting.

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