Monday, February 11, 2008

The Thought That Counts

**posted last year on an old website and updated to reflect my current ideals.

In a nutshell – Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday. I’ve always felt this way about it and until Cupid shoots me silly, anything is possible. I’d love to just fall head first in the gift giving and all the red roses and candy hearts but it is more fun to be creative and come up with your own ideas on other days during the year. It seems mostly everyone gets caught up in spending money on a card, flowers, dinner, on and around the 14th of February. I’m not saying that I never spent money on anything in pure celebration – Yes I took a chance and sent a dozen roses once, I’m still a romantic. Of course it would be great to get something, but why not just do dinner/flowers/card/gift/whatever weeks before, weeks after, days after and make Valentine’s Day another day? Why follow society and donate your hard earned cash? I hope you are thinking it is “the thought that counts” - so if you are then “the thought that counts” can happen earlier, later, any time, day, month of the year and in any way, shape or form! In theory spending time with the person you like/care about/love/”insert other term of endearment here” is a gift in itself and no money needs to be spent either.

How are you spending the Hallmark holiday, if you are at all? Would you be happy with just a phone call, email, text wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day (depending on who its from of course)? How about doing something completely spontaneous? I know I would because in the end, it is “the thought that counts” no matter when and what it is, even if it took me 2 minutes to type out a text and spent $2.50 on a card.

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