Thursday, February 14, 2008

Better than Xmas

They say that to a female chocolate is better than sex. And today, the sheer joy of seeing people smile was like watching a child open presents at Christmas. So I sent a card or two, one of which, has been an inside joke and a tradition for years, along with a candy bar which didn’t quite make it to the envelope. But today was no ordinary day in the office, besides the free lunch, females dressing in red, and a few select anonymous gifts in celebration of St. Valentine’s Day, who I might add was beheaded on this day. Strange as that may sound, and yet here we are saying “Be mine” in all different ways, none of which you have suspected otherwise. So, if some secret admirer left you something today, then obviously they had some agenda. I’m sure not telling you my opinion on the chocolate versus sex debate, but I’ll take either of them any day of the week.

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