Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Having Lunch with the Four Horsemen

- Holiday party guy wore same shirt as last week
- People do use the microwave
- Mass quantities of ketchup are consumed, leaving only 4 unused packages
- “Do you wanna jerk it?”
- “My way was better”
- “I’ll give you the finger”
- “Ocean training? What happened? You fell in?”
- Blue shirt Tuesday
- Blame it on ____
- “How can I send it to him before he sent it to all of us?”
- “…shot my load”
- Meatloaf of the day = fair
- RPL to go
- Young man’s cheeks were extremely pink – easy giveaway for age under 25
- CT look a like
- Wardrobe same as last week for polo shirt man
- “We’ve experimented with different positions”
- Had lunch with a prophet who makes up silly songs
- “What do you mean by pop him?”
- Saiyed is having lunch here – LOST reference for those of you who are completely LOST at this point
- Watch the backlooking
- Kojak makes an appearance, he has a very nice tan.

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