Monday, February 4, 2008

We Bring Good Things to Light

It took a long hot shower in a tiled bathroom, a hearty chicken parmesan dinner over linguini, a few slices of regular Italian bread, along with a long drive in 16 degree temps for me to figure it out. But I did, and I had to admit it to myself too, which then appeared a lightbulb above my head “by golly gee, I think she’s got it!” I do make my best decisions in the bathroom for some odd reason, but honestly it takes a lot for me to admit something, especially something not as clear cut as this. Its not for you to know or find out either, this one I’ll probably take with me forever, unless a situation presents itself where I have to ‘come clean’. No, I didn’t shoplift or commit any crimes, in fact, no one did anything wrong.

*written in January obviously (note the temperature reference).

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