Friday, June 1, 2007

Suddenly I See....

“Suddenly I see, this is what I want to be” – K.T. Tunstall, what a great song. Its so moving, so happy and bouncy, makes you want to sing it in the shower. Suddenly I see, why it means so much to me to be me and how others couldn’t agree more. They say that some people bring out the best and worst in you sometimes, but I’ve realized if you can’t be you around them and with them, then they are the problem. There’s nothing more comforting than to just wear what you want, even if it might be too sexy for the office, but can be appreciated outside of the office. Nothing more hot and sexy than to just say what is on your pressing, playful and dirty mind (or not so dirty). Mustn't forget the impulsive reaching out and touching someone - don't think about it, just do it!

Sexy is back, sporty never left and the summer is just beginning to bring the fun.

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