Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Better than Chocolate?

I recently saw something I really really liked. Liked it better than chocolate, it had a tremendous effect on me. (I wanted it bad – when you are window shopping and you see those heels that you just have to have - bad!) If it was chocolate, I’d want it to be a pool so I could swim in it forever, continually dive in over and over again. But it wasn’t a pool of chocolate. It wasn’t something I could buy either, unlike that awesome mango martini I had the other night. It was untouchable (an antique), unreachable (I need a step stool), out there (not in space) but “within a glance”. So I relished in thought, added some background music, with the potential that if I could buy it, I would pay top dollar, and wouldn’t ever trade it in for anything in the world. Now I’m addicted to it (like a RPG video game), and distracted (like a dirty thought in my nice clean mind) and am always thinking about diving into that pool and floating around on a raft with a fruity drink. Right now I can’t float around on the raft, the image is burned in my brain with the impossible idea that it would ever happen and that I’d get a pool pass to dive in. But I can enjoy the moment, because they could run out of chocolate or they could give me that pool pass.

This is not a dream, this is completely real and if you are curious, just ask. My “eyes” have nothing to hide.

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