Monday, June 18, 2007

ID Please?

I didn’t want to go empty handed to my friend’s bbq so I stopped at the liquor store that I stop at often, (but not that often) often enough so they know my face. Usually if you go in to a liquor store and walk around aimlessly not knowing what exactly you are looking for, (where da' beer at fool?) you look suspicious so they card you. Now, I don’t look 18 anymore, at least I don’t think so. 3 weeks ago I got carded there, I went directly after work and didn’t buy girly drinks, I bought hard liquor and wine. I knew exactly what I wanted and where it was. This time, I knew exactly what I wanted went up to the counter and the guy paused. He was older, at least 50, and he asked the fun question of “Can I see your ID?” I laughed and handed it to him, he says to me “Congratulations”, wtf for? For being over 30 or for just having a birthday? Come on, you card a grandma and she feels great, you card me after I’ve been there a few times and I feel stupid. Yup, I left with smirk on my face, only thinking that he should have known better. I wonder why sometimes you get carded – do they want to see your age or see where you live? Something to think about next time someone asks you for your ID…it could be your next stalker.

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