Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rebel WITH a Cause

What are the rules? Are there any rules? Can we go about our daily lives without any rules – at all? Lately I’m not sure what the rules are, if there is a guidebook to follow, but I sure don’t want to follow any. I think its silly to have to tiptoe around and worry about every little move I make or whatever phrase just happens to come out of my unpredictable mouth. Sure, we have to obey the traffic laws, and work our scheduled hours to get our jobs done, but the rest of it, the daily babble - does not have guidelines. There aren’t any rules to what I do during the day, gosh, can you imagine if there were? I’d have to carry around a checklist of sorts, tiptoe around as if I was walking on shattered glass, worrying the next move I make might set off an alarm. That sounds a bit like Communism and although I am part Ukey it just won’t fly with me. If its 2 am and I can’t sleep, I just might pick up the phone to call you – there isn’t a rule for “appropriate times to call”. If I get voicemail then so be it – my phone is always on for you! There is no such thing as an “appropriate time”, no rules, no regulations, no boxes to check off. I am fed up with the worrying about doing something wrong, saying something wrong, not doing or saying anything. I’m not keeping my mouth shut in the outfield in fear that heckling the other team might start an already impending fight! I am going to abide by my “no regrets”, “do not think – just do” motto. You can’t tie me down, well, maybe you can, but you have to run wild with me too. Tomorrow, I just might take my shoes off, and test the water, if its too cold, then there is always another day but no one said it was against the rules.

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