Thursday, June 7, 2007

The 1/3 Rule

Bend and stretch, reach for the stars” – if you remember that, you watched Magic Garden growing up! Taebo is great, it works for me, along with my stability ball and my “power” bands. I prefer working out in the comforts of my own home that way I can wear what I want, do a routine the way I want to do it, take breaks when I want and pick up where I left off whenever. The stability ball is a life saver – helps to achieve the girly six pack and show off the muscles which had been hibernating. I’ve been able to maintain where I’m at now, give or take +5 or -5, for 3 years. And no, that doesn’t mean skimping on my occasional piece of chocolate, French fries, or the slap of mayo on my sandwich. Just moderation and the 1/3 rule. Always leave 1/3 of your food on your plate, “diet” doesn’t necessarily mean healthy, and never deny yourself your favorite treats (just have a taste). Want more tips - you can pay me to be your weight watchers guru, I accept all forms of dark chocolate and alternate methods of payment can be negotiated. Yet there is nothing like feeling sore the day or two after working out, knowing that the routine actually worked, the muscles are still alive and kicking and tomorrow I can wear that new red bikini. (Nothing like it EXCEPT the way I feel after ….. is a workout itself.)

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