Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Analyze This

I’m completely distracted today, I forgot my essential items: my phone charger, my planner, I’m lucky I left my glasses on my desk at work! I did get a good nights sleep after Shawn Green hit one out in the 11th inning, but the humidity is getting to me. Did you ever wonder about something? Anything? Just wonder…what if? You sit there deep in thought, you pick it apart, you analyze, compare, contrast, you look for a deeper meaning to help guide your way. After an hour or two and a slight headache you decide that you’ve disassembled every possible angle, and that there is no answer. Nothing, not even a glimpse of a light that leads to that dark cave. Let’s start again, no, let’s not, because this is the cycle that I normally go thru to figure things out, analyze, compare, contrast, pros vs cons. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t sleep, not the major reason though. I’m not ready to share that with my readers yet. And I say it, I say it again….no more analyzing, compare, contrast, pros vs cons. No more headaches and sleepless nights caused by a meer distraction of that stupid, never ending “what if”. There is no “what if” and “if only”, that was the past. Why think about it – why worry about it – just do it and let it happen, whatever it may be. If you don’t turn that flashlight on, you’ll never see what lies ahead of you.

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