Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nothing - Nothing at All

Recently I switched radio stations at work, due to better reception and the motivation of not wanting to hit someone or bang my head against the wall. This station plays everything, songs I like, love, hate, and haven’t heard in a very long time. I am a big fan of lyrics, I can play name that tune with anyone. But today, was again, no ordinary day. There is this one song that I hated, I always hated, and then it grew on me, I enjoyed listening to it, the different versions of the song, it created a new memory for me. It was pure poetry, something to smile about, until today. Bad time of the day to be hearing this particular song, and I sat here, in agony listening to it. Afraid to move to switch the station or turn the volume down or put in a CD. I knew if I could handle the 3 +minutes the song would be over, and it was and I was relieved. And tomorrow is again, tomorrow and the station could play it again, but I’ll have completed step one of my 10 step program of "how to deal". Pathetic huh – getting over a song. If it sticks in your brain, you’re scarred for life, eventually you have to regurgitate it up right?

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