Monday, June 4, 2007

Paying Attention

I never noticed this before until I paid attention and now I see things completely different. Funny thing is, I never thought it made me unhappy until now. Have you ever gone over a friend’s house and meet their family and all they do is make fun of other family members or talk about them in a negative light? They don’t make an effort to get to know you, who you are, what you do, what your likes and dislikes are, what you do in your spare time, what your favorite color is. They don’t make an effort to include you in the conversation and make you feel like a part of their family. I can say this, I was absolutely, 100% myself, (alcohol talk and all), felt accepted and included and didn’t hear one vice of negativity at the table over cake. Amazing how the cloud lifts and floats away and brings the sunshine to light the day. It was nice to compliment a family with a smile instead of a frown and to walk out the door knowing next time I see them, they won’t forget my name.

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