Saturday, June 28, 2008

Foul Ball – Strike 3, You’re out!

I thought I was handling things quite good until the other night. My personal space was violated, not once but twice in the same week on different days. If my wardrobe had anything to do with it, that’s really pathetic because the temperature in the office has been prohibiting me from wearing anything provocative and sexy, so I know that wasn’t the case. Was this just a strange week for strange men in general? I’m not a liquor store after 9 pm, nor am I the neighbors bartender and girl on the side when his chick is passed out on the couch. And I don’t accept freebees in the garage at odd hours of the night either, what a low life that guy is to think I would have changed my mind after all this time. Duh. I’ve reorganized my apartment again so when I swing that 28 oz bat of mine I won’t break anything when and if he comes to the door and when and if I decide to answer it. But I hate feeling trapped in my own place always being on the defensive. I can’t wait to get out of here.

Maybe it was something in the water this week. Maybe the crazy heatwave that triggered such a frenzy with all the wrong people. But that was the highlight until something else happened that I refuse to give any details about on here except for yet another 'closing arguement. Not cool and definitely didn’t score brownie points. I’m glad I have secret weapons in my car within arms reach that I can use at a moments notice, besides slamming my car door on a poor mans fingers. If you can read my mind, I don’t think he remembers a damn thing from all the alcohol he consumed, another thing he denied. Strike two in one week, I hope this weekend promises more Mango Daquiris because I definitely need a few.

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The_IVth said...

The Supreme Court made a big ruling on the second amendment this week, now's a good time own a human's second best friend.