Monday, June 16, 2008

Enter the Zone

Hypothetically speaking….you’re dating or seeing someone (however you define ‘seeing’ and ‘dating’ is up for you to decide since the terminology is so modernized and defined differently by everyone). What are the signs that you’ve entered the ‘relationship zone’? Are there any signs? Or as we as stupid humans supposed to let our assumptions rule our mind in thinking two or three meetings would lead to a mutually exclusive relationship? A relationship shouldn’t be assumed, but mutually agreed upon, at least that is how I see it and so do my 'signs'. One can’t want something that the other doesn’t want. You have to be on the same page. AND there has to be sparks! Reply ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – ‘are you seeing anyone else? ‘do you want to?” In my opinion, if I answered ‘no’ to those questions asked by the hypothetical man in this hypothetical scenario and so has he then I could “enter the zone”.

And, if, hypothetically, I forego all assumptions and hand this man a form with ‘check yes or no’ and if I get it back with a check next to the right box, then it becomes a real scenario where assumptions go out the door and he’s claimed his territory.

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