Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Main Event

Before I begin…do not fight with sister in elevator even if it means when the doors open you are pulling each other’s hair out! Fake fighting still hurts!

Reception Observations and key quotes (not that I was paying attention or anything):
Chicky in brown dress shouldn’t bend over to pick anything up for potential of unleashing the girls. “They’re real and they’re huge!”
I’m waiting to see the chicky in the black lace dress sit down and bend over, that in itself is a challenge.
“Dancefloor looks like 287 – unsafe and unstable.”
“Last time he’s gonna have the upper hand.” – kudos to the best man!
“She’s a cougar” – ha ha, sorry boys, you wouldn’t have a chance in hell anyway.

Side note: I never thought I’d be laying in my hotel room conjuring up ways to get back at the screaming sorority girls in the hallway who were decorating and fertilizing the poolside trees once they made their way outside. I’ll never tell you what I came up with either.

Total croc count at wedding - 0

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