Sunday, June 22, 2008

Going back north..or so I thought

I started the day with breakfast, holding my cousin’s son Blase Carl and sitting poolside until it was time to put the top down and go to the airport for a flight time of 5:58 pm back to EWR. Airport check-in indicated a flight change to 5:10 pm, no problem man. I go thru security, stand in yet another line (here we go again with lines) at Quiznos for grub and my phone rings. It’s my uncle who had a 1:10 flight who’s still on the concourse. Now I’m looking at a 4-5 hr delay since his flight time is now mine! Lovely.

On to the departure festivities:
- 5 hr delay
- 22 oz beers (2 Sam Adams, 1 Bass) and 1 smaller Sam A at Miller’s Brew Pub
- 3 delayed flights..gee all to EWR
- 2 on time departures (to Albany and Philly)
- Bathroom on concourse doesn’t have trough that Mom was talking about.
- 1 guy with bright orange crocs on
- Why else would a flight be delayed? Duh. (man asks bartender stupid question)
- No one has asked me what I was writing
- I completely adore the guy leaving the bar with purple and black man bag.
- Make that 2 men with purple man bags
- Its nice to be the only chick at the bar with 22 oz beers!

Total croc count overall - 4

Knowing that your parents connecting flight gets them off the ground and back home before you – friggin priceless!

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