Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why Global Truly Means Global

Nothing to start the week off quite like a global email gone bad. A memo was sent ‘globally’ and by that I mean the “to: said “Everyone-(at various locations)” which went to about as many people as a Mercedes cost. It was informative but it also prompted mass email drama from those who wanted to comment and put what kind of degree they had at the end of their name, hence the term suffix and everyone trying to one up the other based on that piece of paper they earned after their 4 to 10 year plans of school. The dramatic rubberband ‘reply all’ effect triggered a ‘street festival’ of comments and laughter. The best section of the emails that I caught was the geek squad member who replied to all indicating why subscribers could not get ‘unsubscribed’ to the “Everyone” list. The only way to get unsubscribed would be to get fired obviously then you are removed from all lists. If people were smart they would move the ‘global’ emails to their SPAM folder or to a personal ‘global’ folder where they can dump it later instead of dumping on everyone else. But I’ll return back to the book I was reading instead of these adolescent distractions and find my page marked with a lucky notecard about the TFDU and a fine horse race ticket.

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