Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Not Your Average One-Hit Wonders

I’ve had a ton of one-hit wonders, by that I mean meeting someone for the first time, having drinks, lunch or dinner. Usually it’s a great conversation but no spark at least on my side of the table. I even spent an entire afternoon with a guy at a place where we had lunch then coffee and dessert, not like the place was kicking us out for being there almost half a day. But as usual, no spark, nada, nothing. I started a spreadsheet too, to track these one-hits, analyze them based on looks, attire, manners and even had a column called “What creeped me out” for obvious reasons. I thought I could compare them all and to see if they made ‘keep or toss’ status (somewhat like Clean Sweep on TLC). That didn’t pan out. Only thing I got from the list besides it taking up some of my time was laughter of my carefully chosen categories and ranking system that I created.

The whole online dating scenario was not for me at all either. I rather meet someone in person and the fireworks represent staying power for more conversation and the ultimate exchange of numbers. (Yes I love voicemail and No I’m not that attached to my phone; text messaging is not considered conversation just used for Yes or No answers/questions and humorous statements.) But then again, that doesn’t always work for me either. I’ve found that I can meet someone in person, have a great conversation, go out for drinks, have a great conversation but next time I see them I wonder what I was thinking! I try to be nice, give almost everyone a chance, they had to say something to get their foot in the door right? Same scenario goes for the ones that I’m nice to and then turn into stalkers because they didn’t think the way I said ‘not interested’ had any sticking power. So I can’t win either way. What I do know is I was trying to meet new people, but I know for a fact, besides when sparks are nonexistent, when I’m having a drink with a one-hit wonder and I’m thinking about someone else its just not going to work. Unless you can persuade me to think otherwise, there will be no kiss at the end of the night for you since I’d rather be kissing someone else.

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