Thursday, June 19, 2008

Food Court Funnies

While waiting for my sister in the food court I had several celebrity spottings, fashion disasters and key terms:
- Mini Ah poo on wheels
- What’s with the “ya’ll”
- The food court has rocking chairs, interesting choice of seating.
- 1 woman with crocs
- 1 kid with crocs with Mom larger than Grimace. Certain ‘fixtures’ had mind of their own.

This is definitely what I’d like to see waiting to board a plane: 2 airline pilots pull up to the Grille & Tavern. Thankfully they were just checking out the menu.

- 1 Army man
- 2 Navy men
- 1 Will Farrell lookalike
- 1 ground man carrying lavender man bag (by grown man, I mean in 30s-50’s)
- 1 nun/priestess dressed in purple with huge cross bling
- 60 yr old grandpa with rainbow bandaid on knee.

Total croc count thus far: 3

And by the way, the Candy Apple Red Mustang Convertible is hot! Did you know if you leave the top down during a rainstorm it doesn’t puddle up in the back seat?

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