Monday, June 9, 2008

One Dolla, One Dolla..Everything One Dolla

I learned about reflective sunburn this weekend after running a garage sale and sitting in the garage for most of the sweatfest temperatures while selling water bottles for a buck. Sitting in the garage did not protect me from the suns rays bouncing off the black pavement in the driveway causing my shins to turn a nice shade of pink, hence the need for SPF. The “Guess My Age $.25” sign was flipped to “Keep Staring $.50” by a slight breeze, and the highest bidder was $5.00. I told him to go home and kiss his wife. But that was not the highlight. The highlight was having 2 menoise se toi’s (misspelling & probably not what you are thinking) and seeing Mario Andretti have dinner at a posh place wearing nothing but a tshirt and shorts.

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