Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back up in the Air (Almost)

- Note to self – do not attempt to read a book while intoxicated or having a good buzz – words just jump off the pages.
- Child behind me is kicking my seat and we haven’t taken off yet.
- My window is a little cleaner this time around.
- Oh this is going to be a fun trip with screaming child. “I want candy” she said 11 times and we haven’t taken off yet!
- OK let’s taxi and sit for awhile..again.
- At least the child behind me has stopped wanting candy!
- WTF are no-see-ums?
- My stomach is on fire right now – so much for SPF, or lack of.
- “I need Barney – not candy”- at least she stopped kicking.
- For the most part the sunset from the tarmack was a goodone.
- No music on this plane either – wtf!
- This is why I don’t like to drink before I get on a plane. Everytime I hit the bar early, I get delayed and delayed again. Why get an early buzz just to waste it?
- Now I’m watching thunderstorms – where’s my beverage?
- No beverage but I found my spot to focus on! Focus – young g-hoppa’!
- Pilot said we’d be flying over Raleigh, DC, Philly and into NJ – I’ll attempt to wave again.
- Its 10:25 pm..where are we? (notice the time lag in entries due to beverage service and concentration on storms).

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