Saturday, November 1, 2008

My List

I have a bucket list of sorts, it hangs on my fridge and everyday I’m reminded that I have a lot to cross off, and that’s been there for almost two years. The list has things that I have never done but wanted to and never did in my previous life. A few items are in the category of ‘would like to but not necessary’. This week I drew a pretty thick line through two items that I wanted to do in the city…but never did…because. I’ll leave it at ‘because’. One of the items was to go to the Empire State Building and take the elevator up to the top. Even when I lived down the turnpike from NYC I never went there, in fact, I may have asked to go, for someone to take me there, but that never happened. So after an hour of standing in a line with the sun setting, surrounded by people who were in the city for the Marathon, the elevator went to the 80th floor and I got off and took the stairs another 6 flights. I needed to..I was a scaredy cat. My legs were literally shaking after the elevator floor number passed 60. But once I got outside to view the city I was fine. If you’ve ever seen An Affair to Remember, the story behind the two of them meeting on the top of the building if it was truly meant for them to be together, well, it wasn’t a romantic adventure for me this time….maybe when I go back during the day it will be.

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