Monday, November 10, 2008

A New York State of Mind….

Many a sightseeing, people watching adventures, great coffee consuming and continental breakfasts in four days. An experience in commuting I always understood and never took for granted as one may think, but I would never do on a daily basis. Some tidbits from the trip from training with shades of London calling me back…..

· Please watch the gap – some gap at Broad Street
· Man on microphone knocks before announcements at every stop – every single time. Hello..are you listening?
· Le poi san, le poi san hee hee hee haw haw haw
· French and Polish people circa 1985 fashion in line at Empire
· Denium skirt with black tights…I’m having flashbacks of high school dances.
· Chicky streetwalking with man in bright yellow leather boots over the jeans – more like mustard
· Italian man in elevator kept saying “Mangia”
· Joe Pesci look-a-like on the train
· Poonjab waiter at Carmines
· Ahpoo collecting train tickets
· Counting many miles again in same eyewear
· No activity at the firehouse in four days meant no souvenier autographed calendars
· “Rail roaders do it day and night” sign – a bit disturbing and inappropriate at 6 am.
· Guy with bowl haircut from 1987 on ferry…and no I wasn’t seeing things.
· Cypress Hill at Nokia Theater had younger people than us in a line around the corner
· “From the top of the Chrysler Building!!!”
· Sister Mary Margaret taking a financial class
· Fanny pack counting – bet they got theirs at the $1 store too.
· You know you’re not from the US when the guys are wearing skinny jeans
· Cylinder man at seaport was busting a move to ‘Beat it’
· Walking up six flights of stairs to the top of the Empire is really 12 flights.
· Actually being under where the Twin Towers once stood was surreal.

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