Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Therapy Rates are as Follows….

Just another Saturday night in stomping grounds that I don’t frequent often because of issues of the patrons but the people watching was at its all time high. Nothing like a John Goodman look-a-like in man-dals and shorts dancing to MJ, while his friends at the bar salivated over this one chick who had a lace top on. Yes guys we love it when you stare and not say anything, it’s typical of Morris County guys. And yes guys we love it when you walk over to us when your friends are at the bar getting shots…oh and I forgot to mention, your friends are girls. Hello…I swear Mr. Clean advertising for the Gap we aren’t stupid.

Besides wanting to hand block a guy who had no game at all in a bad shirt, the kicker had to be the session I had with a guy who’s ‘got a girl’. I was interviewed on what I wanted in a guy, what I was looking for…blah blah blah. This guy claimed he couldn’t figure out women. So I entertained him honestly, and he stuck around for more inquisition and honest answers. In my usual but completely honest voice I told him he’s dating some chick who is plainly screwing with his head and that if he’s not happy to move on. I don’t understand why men are so afraid to move on and be happy if they are miserable. Maybe its too much of an effort for them, just as it is to say “Hello” and not stare at us from across the bar.

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